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At Transit Hotel and Suites, we take pride in serving you with a warm hospitality embrace. Discover our range of thoughtful services, from affordable accommodations to delightful dining, lively evenings, a well-appointed bar, and the convenience of laundry care. Your comfort is our priority.

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Dedicated to make your experience nothing less than fun.



Indulge in a culinary journey through Akwa Ibom's flavours and continental meals by expert chefs at our 24-hour restaurant.



Customize your meal from our mouthwatering options: Rice, Beans, Dodo, Yam, Shaki, Goat meat, White soup, Ekpang, Fried rice.


Open Bar

Relax and unwind with your favorite drink, soak in the vibrant ambiance, and create memorable moments with friends or fellow travelers.


Laundry Services

Let's keep your wardrobe fresh and ready with our convenient laundry services while you're grooving, working or ultimately, resting.

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